Off-Center Machining whithout Y Axis

MT-DCY Digitally Connected Y-Axis is a revolutionary device allowing drillings, millings and off-center threading on machines not equipped with Y-axis or when the available stroke is limited.

The MT-DCY allows an offset in Y till +/- 25mm, through an independent plug & play device, which occupies only one station on the turret and does not require complicated connections or cable.

The entire positioning electronics is located on the unit, which communicates with the numeric control through the bidirectional Bluetooth protocol.

The machining rigidity is assured by the pneumatic locking unit and the ratio 1:1 on the driven turret allows to use the entire disposable machine power.

Product features

The main features of the are MT-DCY Digitally Connected Y-Axis are:

  • Add/extend the Y-Axis in your lathe
  • Offset drilling, tapping, milling
  • Y-Axis stroke: +/- 25mm
  • Y-Axis clamping for maximum rigidity
  • Wireless bidirectional connection to CNC