In-Process Part Measurement

High precision machining on the lathe need a precise in-process control, not possible since now due to the presence of chips, dust and coolant in the work area, because they invalidate the measuring precision and expose the probe to potential damages.

M.T. created the MT-Touch Probe Shield , a shielding device for measuring probes that makes it possible to solve these problems: when the probe is not used for measurement, it is protected from the environment inside the device, which is opened only during the measuring phase. Thanks to the pneumatic opening of the protections and to the air flow for cleaning the stylus, MT-TPS Touch Probe Shield guarantees the maximum precision for in-process measuring even on the lathe.

For some machines not equipped with pressurization on the turret, we can offer a pneumatic distributor with two independent ways to be applied on the turret to allow the MT-TPS to be activated. The device can be used also to feed the pressurisation line for the X11 Powered Electro spindle, which is perfect for high-speed drilling, grinding, marking and engraving with an extremely high precision in the absence of vibrations. The joined use of the MT-TPS and X11 allows to use the traditional lathe for maximum precision internal grinding.

Product features

The main features of the MT-TPS Touch Probe Shield are:

  • Shields the probe from chips, dust and coolant
  • Pneumatic opening of the shields
  • Air flow for touch probe cleaning
  • Different assembly configurations: radial, axial for main or sub spindle