Machining on Swiss Type Lathe

M.T. designs and manufactures static and driven toolholders dedicated to swiss type and multispindle machines.

These machines are dedicated to the manufacturing of small parts in high quantity lots, with high productivity machining cycles 24/7.

Consequently, these machines require toolholders able to operate with continuous working cycles in critical environments.

Also for these applications, the technical solutions adopted on M.T. products allow to push the machine to the limit and offer solutions to many different machining needs.

Available applications

  • Standard axial and radial driven toolholders
  • Double and triple output driven toolholders
  • Adjustable angle driven toolholders, also with double or triple output, with different ratios and with internal coolant!
  • Driven toolholders for thread whirling!
  • Driven gear hobbers!

Verify the list of the available machines on our online catalogue or contact our Sales Department for a support on the selection of the product suitable for your application.