Internal & External Gears

The Power Skiving technology allows the machining of gears in very short times (15/20 seconds compared with 6/7 minutes necessary with the gear cutting “Lorenz” type).

The machining of external and internal gears is possible, with straight or helical teeth. Besides, it is possible to machine gears very close to shoulders.

The advantages of this technology are remarkable. Anyway until now this technology was implemented only on dedicated gear cutting machines, manufactured only by 4 companies worldwide and with a very high cost. After a 3 years internal development study, MT has made this technology available also on the standard CNC lathe with Y-axis, through a special dedicated driven tool holder.

The Lathe power skiving unit allows a suitable angular adjustment to comply with the cross angles of this technology, which are normally between 15° and 40°. Besides, it is equipped with MTSK quick change system, developed by MT, for an accurate and fast replacement of the gear cutter.

MT can take care of the complete supply, joining the customer from the feasibility check up to the delivery of the driven toolholder, gear cutter and machining parameters.

Many applications are already implemented on the fields for customers operating in planetary gearboxes, automotive and packaging production.
The results, in terms of machining times and precision, are close to the ones obtainable with a dedicated gear cutting machine.

Product features

The main features of the product are:

  • Allows the machining of gears with power skiving technology on the lathe!
  • Adjustable angle +/- 180°
  • MTSK quick change system for fast and accurate gear cutter replacement

For additional information, you can verify the list of the available models on our online catalogue or contact our technical department.