High Speed Machining

the device can perform grinding, marking and high-speed drilling, using the machine’s standard turret without the need for complicated connections and cables.

The X11 Powered Electro spindle uses the rotation of the driven tool to generate electrical energy. The energy drives an electro spindle running up to 60.000 rpm. The integrated control unit multiplies the input speed by 11 times, allowing different machining.

The device occupies one only station on the turret and is equipped with a dia. 42 mm electro spindle.

A suitable system, which uses the standard coolant circuit available on the turret, is used to cool down the electro spindle. Besides, if the machine does not foresee the possibility to provide pressurized air in the turret’s working position, MT developed a dedicated independent pressurization device in order to grant a correct isolation of the electro spindle in the machining area. With this device, the MT solution is really plug & play, not requiring any additional cable or connection with the machine.