Adjustable Angle Toolholders

90 Models and more than 250 different configurations

Today our adjustable angle toolholder is available in more than 90 models and 250 different configurations, like:

  • Single, double and triple output
  • Speed increasing ratio: 1:1, 1:2
  • Possibility to use internal coolant up to 70 bar
  • Possibility to use the extra-short Z nuts, lower swing diameter and better surface finishing.

A successful project became the symbol of the company!

Adjustable Angle Driven Toolholder with Digital Display

To our traditional adjustable angle driven toolholder, we have added an encoder with a  digital display to accurately show the angle. The operation of setting the angle is faster and easier, as the correction of angle with the dial gauge inside the machining area is no longer necessary. The angle can now be set outside the machine using the digital display.

Product features:

The main features of the product are:

  • Speeds-up angle setting time
  • Angle can be set outside the machine
  • Resolution: ±0,05°